National Hi-tech Enterprise
Pioneer of Liquid Packaging Technology
400-639-1985 中文 / EN


Research and development

ALNS has been engaged in the dispensing industry for eight years and has extensive R&D and application experience to customize liquid packaging solutions for customers, such as dispensers, Molding systems, and coating machines.

Materials include epoxy glue, UV glue, Dimer and so on. Won the title of National High-tech Enterprise (Certificate No.: GR201644202107),

is a key high-tech enterprise recognized by the Science and Technology Bureau of Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, and has passed ISO9001:2008 certification, with an annual turnover exceeding 100 million RMB, R&D investment accounted for Up to 13%.                 

The r&d team

R&D Technical Team 24 Hour Service Response


LANS·ALNS has the top R&D team in the industry, including 18 core software and hardware engineers, 15 professional equipment service engineers, 5 materials and technical support, Shenzhen as the center of the PRD, and Suzhou in the Yangtze River Delta. As the center, the national 24-hour service hotline 4006391985, adhering to the "response within 12 hours, to the scene within 24 hours" service principle.


36 research and development patents, cost reduction by 50%


Study and translate into results, dig deep into pain points in the industry, innovate in technological revolutions, upgrade through technological processes, effectively reduce production costs by more than 50%, and automate equipment, promote the progress of customer industry 4.0, and reshape the competitiveness of companies. , "One-stop" to solve the process of equipment and materials required; to obtain 6 invention patents, 26 utility model patents, software copyright 4 extraordinary R & D results.


Industry-University-Industry Cooperation to Achieve 0 Guest Complaints Objectives


The core components of ALNS·ALNS equipment adopt world-class brands; the software is completed by the company's professional software engineers and the professional team led by Dr. Xu of Shenzhen Software Association; the glue is developed by the company's material research and development team and the Taiwan Academy of Sciences; The raw materials used were all imported, and the equipment imported from Japan was fully automated to ensure the stability of the glue. The company achieved the “zero” customer complaint target and won the trust of end customers.