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The story of dumplings and automatic dispensers, He Duanwu Festival!

2018-06-14 14:12:42   Editor:ALNS    0

Seeing that the title didn't scare you, the automatic dispensing machine didn't reach a half-dollar relationship with the deaf family for eight years. Since you said there is a story between them? ? ? Listen to me slowly.

As one of the four traditional folk festivals in China, the Dragon Boat Festival is a very popular holiday for the Chinese people. However, with the development of society, people's demands for quality of life have increased and the requirements for things have become increasingly demanding. The Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional habit of the Chinese people for more than 2,000 years. Racing dragon boats and eating dumplings are an annual holiday custom. Since it comes to eating, there are more than 1.4 billion people in China, accounting for 18.7% of the world population. After walking through so many countries and eating all kinds of things, we have to admit that the Chinese are really "eating goods," and that the dumplings are a very common thing, and the variety allows you to talk about the day. The problem has come. Good deaf people want to eat. How do you satisfy so many people? This is a headache problem. It does not matter that there are people in the private sector. I remember that my friends in Zhejiang found me in 2016. He mainly engaged in the business of the food industry and hoped to solve this problem of mass production. Although Alessis has been engaged in the development of automation equipment, but the industry is far behind. Friends in the chat informed the main problems in mass production: 1, a lot of types of rice dumplings can not grasp? 2, the amount of people rely on more cumbersome and inefficient process. Maybe there is inspiration for dispensing equipment and technical control of quantity control, and how to control the principle of quantity? How can various foods be developed through different agencies? In an endless stream, he said that although the principle and the idea can all meet the requirements, he still rejected his production requirements.

 The time has been a year and this incident has also been thrown into the shadows. In the afternoon of the day, you suddenly received a video from your friend. Did you still wonder why? With the rotation of the machine and the squeezing out of the food, this is not the automatic dispensing machine that was originally conceived. Oh, no, it should be a fully automatic bag machine. . It is truly a matter of no difficulty in the world. I am only interested in people. . . . Praise for my friends.

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