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Fixed crystal machine quantitative glue gun working principle and advantages

2018-06-09 11:42:32   Editor:ALNS    0

As the mother of the electronic product industry, semiconductors are entering a period of rapid development in China. With the rapid development of smart manufacturing, mobile phones, and new energy sources, higher and higher requirements are placed on electronic devices, and nanocrystalline tubes are also being created step by step. Record. Industry 4.0 is also gradually replacing old and backward manufacturing in every company.

Shenzhen ALESS Technology (ALNS) has been experiencing ups and downs in the semiconductor industry for eight years. The company is adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation first, value creation". In May 2016, the project developed an automatic quantitative glue gun (DJ-10), which lasted for 15 months. It was released in August 2017 and was widely listed by the photoelectric companies (National Star, Jufei Optoelectronics, and Mulinsen , Dongshan Precision) put into use, to solve the semiconductor solid crystal station artificial rubber adhesive waste, low efficiency, accuracy can not be guaranteed and other historical problems.

The principle of quantitative glue gun is the use of single-chip control, set the time to control the number of motor rotation. Using DC motor control, the speed can reach 514rpm/min, thus ensuring the stability and accuracy of the amount of spit, control error within 6%.

Advantages of DJ-10 dosing glue gun: Achieve automatic dosing by one key, quantitatively spit out by screw, control precision error within 6%, save more than 20% glue compared with manual, easy data management operation .

  DJ-10 quantitative glue gun is mainly used in the semiconductor field chip packaging solid crystal machine glue process, simple operation, convenient and efficient, high efficiency, is the LED packaging industry in the solid crystal machine necessary production tools.