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LOOK! How is the dispensing machine technology used on the glue gun of the die bonder?

2018-06-15 11:20:28   Editor:ALNS    0

Quantitative glue gun as the name suggests is mainly "quantitative concept", the use of automatic dispensing machine core quantitative dispensing control technology principle, the use of single-chip control of the DC motor movement stroke size to select the amount of glue required, the screw accuracy can Control +/-0.1mm, the operator set the button by the time (t) on the gun, simply set the required time, to control the number of motor rotation, according to the time to push the screw rod, so as to achieve a one-button precision Quantitative. Japan imported high-precision DC motor control with glue gun, speed can reach 514rpm/min, to ensure the accuracy of the amount of spit, control error within 6%.

In the production process, due to the different requirements of various customers for the use of silver glue, insulating glue and packaging, the syringes must be different manufacturers and different sizes. The current mainstream syringes on the market are U.S. EFD and Japan’s MUSHSHI. The standard size is 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 70ml, due to the high price of imported syringes. There are also R&D and production in China, and the specifications are also developed with reference to the mainstream market. Alizes can customize customer's different requirements to customize the needle bayonet bayonet on the corresponding screw rod.


The quantitative glue gun DJ-10 can be applied to the automatic die bonding of semiconductor Die Bond process, and the "one-click" quantitative glue of silver glue, insulating glue and other solid crystal glue. It is convenient to solve some problems such as large waste of artificial glue, low work efficiency, and unstable accuracy and accuracy.

Alizes created the purpose, mainly to solve the difficult problem of liquid packaging, automatic dispensing machine as one of the modes, the core dispensing technology will be based on the different requirements of different customer segments, is better and more flexible Anyone who wants to change your liquid encapsulation process, please feel free to contact us. The company will do its utmost to cooperate and create a brand new liquid packaging process for you.