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The original monologue of a dispenser's old driver: Where does the dispensing machine go?

2018-06-19 16:50:35   Editor:ALNS    0

The automatic dispensing machine started in 2005. The dispensing machine industry has just been in the initial stage of development. Initially, it mainly engaged in agency products, and few independent research and development. With the passage of time, the level of research and development of domestic technical processing equipment continues to increase, and automatic dispensing machines have also embarked on the road of independent research and development. However, the core technologies are not mature, and the products developed have certain levels of product quality from European and American countries. distance.

Until now, the scope of application of automation has increased. More and more automation manufacturers have also started to engage in the online dispensing machine industry, and have gradually developed into specialized ones. The level of dispensing machines in China has only made a qualitative leap, and it has completed a manual Dispensing to automatic dispensing. COB dispensing machine at the end of 2009, according to incomplete statistics, the domestic manufacturers of dispensing machines up to more than 30, if you include other non-professional automation, foreign manufacturers, such as dispensing, as many as several thousand. The number is very large.

Of course, the development of the dispensing machine industry will not stop there. Since 2011, the government has continuously increased its support for dispensing machines and a group of electronic manufacturing equipment headed by them. After experiencing a fierce expansion of production capacity and a relative surplus of production capacity, with the gradual maturation of conditions and policy support, a new round of market opportunities for domestic dispensing machines is gestating. The total production and sales volume of the industry rebounded significantly, the relationship between supply and demand has also been improved, and the industry's business capacity has steadily increased. It has even appeared that “one machine is hard to find”.

At present, the status quo of the development of the dispensing machine industry in China is: scattered industrial resources, many small and medium-sized enterprises, small scale, overall strength is not strong; standardization is not high, can not meet the requirements of customer customization; the most important is the process automatically Dispensing machine technology is not high, although the imitation technology is very mature, but the level of independent innovation has not reached the international level and so on. The development of the dispensing industry still has many defects that need to be improved.

How should the dispenser industry develop? Automation: Automatic dispensers are already on the market. Its direction for further development is to make dispensing faster and easier to operate! Accuracy: mainly for the quality of dispensing, dispensing can not overflow, not too much, can not be too little, for the amount of glue can be strictly controlled to achieve very precise requirements. Miniaturization: This requires the structure of the dispenser to be simpler and smaller. Being able to move freely, occupying no space, and being available anywhere, anytime, is the goal of miniaturization. In general, what the dispensing industry needs to do is to move toward more automation, standardization, precision, intelligence, miniaturization, industrialization, resistance to harsh environments, and integration of measurement functions.

In 2016, the market for automatic dispensing machines began to increase, but the transparency was getting higher and higher, and the price war was intensifying. The gross profit of some machines was already at 20%, and there was not much difference in the technical level of each home. In the face of these puzzles, the road How can I go? ? ?

      Worth each peer to think about! ! !