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Let you read the automatic dispensing machine for 60 seconds.

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To know how to solve the problem of dispensers, we must first understand the main components of the dispenser and key components.

Automatic dispenser consists of: syringe, piston, high-precision needle, adapter. High-precision dispensing controller (timing, adjusting air pressure) is easy to operate and small in size. The Alizes dispensing machine requires only a small amount of electricity and air pressure. The dispensing machine uses an air pressure of up to 7 bar, which can be used for fluids of different viscosities. The vacuum suck-back control is used to prevent fluids like water from going on. Inferior.

The three treasures on the dispenser: First, pressure, second, timing, and third, suck back.

Different glues do not have different viscosities, different processes, but also different requirements. This is impossible for us to measure in a few grams per second. We can only do this by regular quantification. The viscosity of the glue determines how much pressure we will use. . The pressure regulating valve is equivalent to a faucet locking switch. The greater the pressure is, the faster the rubber dispensing speed is. The longer the time is set, the larger the outflow amount is. Gasoline viscosity is generally 5000CPS, oil 12000CPS, toothpaste-like 20000cps, glass glue is 80,000cps, we are the most suitable point for dispensing is the viscosity is less than 5000CPS, for high-viscosity glue, you need to use high-pressure pump to hit the day out. For a fluid like water, a suck back function is needed to prevent the glue from flowing down continuously.